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HIDROTEC Tratamiento de Aguas, S.L. is a company dedicated to engineering, construction, maintenance and installation of water treatment equipment using membrane technology, particularly reverse osmosis desalination, micro/ultra/nanofiltration, gas transfer, (elimination of O2/CO2 – carbonation/oxygenation) or selective ion elimination using ionic exchange resins, among other activities.

We offer complete solutions to water treatment problems using the most innovative technologies.
We provide turnkey facilities that are completely adapted to the specific problem in hand.
We supply modular facilities mounted on compact frames that are easy to fit. This allows a scale increase in treatment capabilities plus the chance to move equipment to a different site if necessary.
We provide our customers with necessary advice and assistance, whenever required, to keep their facilities operating to the best of their ability, offering the highest quality and service guarantee.


At our facilities in Cartagena, we have a technical office and a manufacturing workshop with all the equipment required for detailed engineering, manufacturing, assembly and tests on the equipment, preparing it for subsequent delivery so as to minimise assembly and implementation times on site.


Our staff is made up of engineers, specialist technicians and workshop and maintenance staff, with experience in different fields, tackling areas from water chemistry to industrial automation. They knowledge is combined to offer high quality, solid products that are easy to handle.