Energy consumption for desalination
Steam 48.5 KW h / m3 48.5 KWh / m3 13,2 KWh / m3 —— ——
Electricity 5,5 KWh / m3 1,5 KWh / m3 8,5 KWh / m3 3-5,5 KWh / m3 8-12 KWh / m3

The reverse osmosis desalination process turns out to be the most effective from an energy point of view.

The electrical energy used in the reverse osmosis desalination plant can come from:

  • Auto-generation of energy for own consumption (auto-generation).
  • Direct consumption from the Grid.
  • Mixed system of own consumption or from the Grid depending on electricity rates.

In the event of having a system to generate its own electrical energy, the production capacity can only be shaped by the auto-consumption, or having excess electrical energy to sell elsewhere.

A reverse osmosis desalination plant with an energy recovery turbine, along with a 850 kWh electrical station, produces 5,000 m3/day of freshwater from seawater.