Modules for removing pesticides for drinking water

eliminacion plaguicidasDue to the presence of pesticides in water for human consumption that can generate serious health issues, these compounds are considered to be dangerous according to the European legislation in force.

In Spain, the RD 140/2003 sets a maximum permitted concentration in water for human consumption of 0.5 μg/l as the total sum of pesticides and 0.1 μg/l as an individual pesticide.

On certain occasions, triazine compounds can be found in the water (simazine, atracine, terbuthylazine, terbumeton, etc.) that have been used as herbicides in agriculture.

These organic compounds generally present low solubility in water, making it easy to eliminate them using active carbon.

eliminacion plaguicidasActive carbon has great capacity to absorb a wide range of contaminating molecules, both organic (solvents, hydrocarbons, pesticides, odours, flavours) and inorganic (chlorine, ozone, etc.) that might be present in the water.