With over 25 years experience in the international market, Hidrotec professionals specialise in water treatment, developing products and incorporating the most advanced membrane technology into agricultural processes and industry with optimum results.

This Cartagena company specialises in treating fluids, desalination and reuse of water, or separation from other substances with high added value. The process involves applying technologies such as micro, ultra and nanofiltration, reverse osmosis or membrane contactor technology to remove or dissolve gases in fluids.

Reverse osmosis, well used throughout the region, is fundamentally used to desalinate water from wells or from the sea for irrigation or for process waters in industry, in hotels in tourist areas with scarce rainfall or where better water quality is required.

In this respect, it should be highlighted that, among its products, Hidrotec offers another complement to the modular range of ECO desalination plants. This is a compact equipment concept entirely installed on a standardised container that is fast and easy to install, move, locate and implement. These are EcoBox plants. These have been designed to be installed in a wide variety of places, merely requiring a firm base. They integrate all the necessary elements, including a chemical cleaning station and a feeder pump when necessary, in addition to completely automated sand filtration. It can produce up to 1100 m3/day in a 12 m container.

The micro, ultra and nano-filtration systems have the capacity to separate certain elements from a fluid depending on the size of their molecules. In other words, it is possible to selectively remove elements that we are not interesting in keeping in the final product from the fluid, opening up a wide range of possibilities for industry. Finally, nanofiltration, the most exhaustive filtration of the three, is used to remove pesticides and heavy metals from underground water, in recycling residual water, softening very hard water, removing nitrates, colour or organic material, CIP recovery, and so on and so forth.

The problem issue derived from using desalinated water for public supply and agriculture is well known in Spain due to high residual levels of boron in certain processes.
The selective ion treatment system for removing boron helps to remove excess quantities of this element from any water intended for irrigation or human consumption. An excess of this element in certain crops, fundamentally fruit with stones or pips, can reach a concentration that might be toxic and harm the plantation. This toxicity can have a greater effect when boron-contaminated residual or underground water is used for irrigation.

Hidrotec is also working in African countries such as Morocco, Equatorial Guinea or Senegal, where its water treatment technology is used for the dairy or drinks industry, and in making river water drinkable to supply cities in Angola using ultrafiltration systems, minimising the use of chemical products.