• St. Almiral, 10 P.Ind. La Palma 30593 Cartagena (Murcia-Spain)

ECOBOX – Autonomous plants in containers

The EcoBox plants have been designed to reach places where it is not possible to install equipment inside a building. All the necessary components integrated into a container that is easy to access for maintenance, even including a feeder pump for the system should this be necessary. Total automated sand filtration by means of polyamide pneumatic valves and chemical cleaning station with independent circuits to maintain membranes.
Productions of up to 1,100 m3/day of excellent quality water coming from salty water in a single standard 12 m container. It does not require any civil engineering, just a firm base. Easy to transport and change location when necessary.

For larger equipment, we have a sheet metal enclosure making the most of the actual module structure so that the assembly is closed in under a pitched roof. All the additional structure is pre-fabricated and quick and easy to assembly on site, as well as perfectly transportable.