• St. Almiral, 10 P.Ind. La Palma 30593 Cartagena (Murcia-Spain)

HRO Compact transportable plants

Designed in compact modules that are easy to transport both by road and by sea. The design consists of frames holding all the plant’s equipment, measurement and control instruments, electrical control box, plus the pressure vessels with reverse osmosis, sand filtering and micro-filtration membranes.

The frame is built out of structural Carbon Steel pieces protected with an anti-corrosion treatment finished in shiny aliphatic polyurethane so that the assembly can withstand water and damp environments. It also includes an anodised anti-corrosion aluminium sheet floor that makes it easier to operate and maintain the equipment.

The frame is structurally calculated to support all the equipment on full load, so the complete equipment can be transported from our factory to its definitive site and undergo any subsequent moves if necessary.